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Democratizing alternative education, growth and mentorship for


The future of learning is here

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself

We believe that education is everything in this world. It's life, it's the past, it's the present and it will be the future. A smart investment in education yields great success. Education should be fun, engaging and is to be used for the betterment of one's society.

We're using proven scientific methods to "train students in the best way to adapt to their dreams, challenges and lives.

Menta Kids

Tailored for Primary school kids

4 -14 yrs old


  • Creative computing

  • STEM (Coding and robotics)


Tailored for high school students

14 - 18 yrs old


  • MxC -(Menta Across the Country career mentorship event)

Menta Gap Yr

Tailored for high school leavers

17+ yrs old


  • STEM

  • Internships

  • Crash Programme

  • Community projects

Kids with Backpacks

2022 In Numbers










You are doing an excellent job. You have exceeded expectations.Well done and remain blessed. I'm loving the way my son is so focused and enjoying the whole process. He is so engaged especially with the group work activities, He is learning a lot.

For instance, today he was so excited over the fact that he is able to learn something new every day, the interaction too.

Parent - Sunshine secondary school

Just want to share my appreciation for the MxC program. It gave my son the boost he needed to explore his creative side and see how even at a young age he can contribute to solving problems in the community.

Parent - Alliance High school

Indeed, the experience that my son gained during the workshop was indeed great...

Av seen tremendous change in his approach to career choice & has developed some interest in the business world....

Parent - Alliance High school

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